How can I buy my tree?

Simply drop-in and see us between 24th November–23rd December 2018 from 9.00am–4.00pm to purchase a tree from our sales yard. We are continuously cutting so you'll always find a Christmas tree you'll love.

Or, to avoid crowds, book a time slot to benefit from our ‘choose from the nursery’ service. With this offering, you can spend half an hour among the different trees, talk with our experts, select your favourite tree, and have it cut there and then. To book, email

What types do you have?

We offer as many as 10 different types of trees, from the traditional Norway Spruce and the visually stunning Canadian Blue, to the popular Nordmans. Trees of green, trees of blue, and trees with white bobbles. Ones that smell, and ones that don’t. Tiny trees, medium trees, and trees so large that they reach up to 20 feet high. And above all, trees which are so fresh that you can expect them to hold on to their needles. And don't worry, we can advise you on what tree to choose to fit your space and requirements.

How are they cared for?

Our trees are grown from seedlings, tended all year round, and pruned by hand. We want to encourage biodiversity in our nursery, and create a healthy and safe environment, so we favour high quality doTerra oils rather than harmful pesticides. 

What’s the environmental impact?

Our trees are free from ‘tree miles’, only travelling the short distance from our nursery to the sales yard - no more than 200 yards. To preserve the nursery, we only make around 10% of our trees available for sale each year. And, for every tree we cut, we plant a new baby seedling in its place.

What makes a Magic of Foresters tree so special?

Above all, our trees are freshly cut. No two are the same - they each have their own distinct character and have been shaped by our passionate pruners! With our wide range of trees, and our experts close to hand, you'll always be able to find your perfect tree.

Can I purchase trees for my business?

Absolutely! Email to discuss how we can help you. We are used to providing trees of all sizes to hotels, schools, offices, and even weddings.